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Reflective Dreamer is Crystal Rose's 4th Single, the debut single for the second generation members, and the first under the name Crystal Rose.

It is the 1st single with members elected under the Senbatsu system.

The Regular Edition includes the karaoke instrumental version, and bonus items. 

The Gold Edition includes the coupling song, "Echo" and its instrumental, as well as the original mix for Reflective Dreamer (plus bonus items). 

Reflective Dreamer Music Video 

Track Listing Edit

Regular Edition Edit

Includes Regular Edition Booklet

  1. Reflective Dreamer
  2. Reflective Dreamer (Instrumental)

Gold Edition Edit

Includes Gold Edition Booklet

  1. Reflective Dreamer
  2. Echo
  3. Reflective Dreamer (Original Mix)
  4. Reflective Dreamer (Instrumental)
  5. Echo (Instrumental)

Included Members Edit

Reflective Dreamer:

-Sahara (Center)










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