Latest News: Crystal Rose celebrates their 5th anniversary・Crystal Rose's 5th Single "Flower Water" is now on sale at Bandcamp and available on streaming services・New group One☆Wish to debuts first live this March
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KiraKira! Project is the umbrella name of multiple acts that release J-Pop inspired and videos.

The "mothership" group of KiraKira! Project is Crystal Rose (formerly known as KRP28).

Crystal Rose is an international net-idol group established in 2013 by Katana-Niara (formerly known as YoroshiQ).

Crystal Rose was also a part of the Sky-High Station (September 2013 - 2015), a community of fellow net-idol groups.

Other artists under KiraKira! Project are soloists, Sakura and Techtonicks.

J-pop dance and vocal cover group One☆Wish are under KiraKira! Project as of 2018.

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